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The 233 Project was an amalgam of multimedia. Various Qabalistic strategies developed by The 233 Project, were tactically deployed by Ocularum Industrial. The 233 Project was founded by subject Marz²³³ for the study and preservation of ancient geometry and linguisitcs. The 233 Project spidered out to Marz²³³, MercuryWorks, and ElektroWorX. Ocularum provided diciplines in digital design to preserve and replicate the principles of The 233 Project. Hardware aquisitions expanded the potential media methods. Music was composed and produced by the Marz²³³ division, which exists today as a cabal of PsyOp musicians. This also created MercuryWorks, a dedicated multimedia dvision of The 233 Project. MercuryWorks used the internet portal of The 233 Project as a study in steganography and obfustication. The website was deployed in the spirit of open compatibility, and content was organized in tiers of passive concealment. The Cultural ties established by MercuryWorks included the ElektoWorX studio in South Philadephia. This allowed ElektroWorX to expand musician services to include Album Art, websites, stickers, shirts, and posters. Video services develpoed authoring, and encoding of DVD and web streams. ElektroWorX also deployed live video capability, such as dvd and MIDI triggered video. The video craft of ElektroWorX now primarily serves live video and broadcast televsion. The MercuryWorks media services were renamed PsyberOptics and assumed by Ocularum Industrial.

Ένα Πυρός ομοιόμορφο σε όλο το Κόσμος είναι κρυμμένο στον Ερμή
Occultatum est in Mercurio Lumen aequaliter ubique Universi

- A Light, uniform throughout the Universe, is hidden in Mercury -

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