I N D U S T R I A L   E Y E W O R K S 

ElektroWorX began as a recording studio. It provided MIDI racks and protools, and eventually a sound proof booth. Musicians in need of such resources, eventually needed flyer and shirt design. Mercuryworks was by this time created as a media design arm of The 233 Project. Through MercuryWorks, ElektroWorX could offer design and typesetting of Album Art, web, stickers, shirts, and posters. When the need for video projections arose, Mercuryworks developed custom motion graphics. With addition of MIDI and noise, The 233 Project provided a digital skill set that mutated ElektroWorX into a media Monolith. ElektroWorX began creating live electronic art events that provided improvisational sound. Live triggerd media was developed allowing projections to be synced to live audio. Initailly video was stored on specially crafted DVD designed to inhibit 'on screen display' and spliced with loop points to allow better sync options. The ElektroWorX project became a living portfolio of ElektroWorX Studio. ElektroWorX had an intricate html based website designed to mimic the layout and operation of a UNIX mainframe. The promotional DVD for elektroworx mirrored the layout and content of the website. The Qabalistic influences of the 233 Project inspired the serpentine sigil of EletroWorX. It was created by taking the Ægyptian symbol for electrum, and bending it along the rose of sigils tracing the word 'Elektro', then placed in a five pointed configuration representing the flow the fifth element. Although it originated as a music studio in south Philadelphia, ElektroWorX services are focused on private events and national television broadcasts.

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