I N D U S T R I A L   E Y E W O R K S 

DatenKrieg is built upon The 233 Project archives. This data was acculmulated from Scientists, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons. While the 'Kraken' operation compiled it as a Darknet repository, the Datenkrieg protocol is bringing most of it out from the shadows. These archives encompass technology, remote operations, counter intelligence, and Moral Wisdom. If The human race stands before another era of dark ages, here are torches for the new ├Žon.

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- Technology archive:
 manuals and specifitcations 
Technology archive:[X] 
Machinery's Handbook
This is the Quintecential guide to almost all aspects of Metal work. I covers Material properties, casting, cutting, and design.
Opticks, 1717
Opticks is an elabert text written by Sir Isaac Newton on the subject of light and phononena involing light. May he who has light, have understanding also.
Hancock Guide
Hancock is a C based programming language for processing and auditing large data sets.
MC-303 Manual
The official user manual for the Roland MC-303. It was not only a complete arraingement console, but also a robust data sequencing processor.
Legal Compliance Guide
Microsoft® Online Services Global Criminal Compliance Handbook conveys what pratical vigilance can be expected of a major corporate data firm.
Cryptol Guide
Cryptol is an NSA programming langauge used for advanced cryptography.
manuals and specifications

- Mobile-Ops archive:
 field environment resources 
Mobile-Ops archive:[X] 
Cold Weather Operations
Cold Weather procedures compiled by the US Navy Construction Batallion. This document outlines optimum maintenance of Personnel and Materiel in sub-freezing conditions
Basic Mountaineering
US Army Mountaineering, basic. Basic Mountaineering encompsses working in cold dry conditions, use of knots, and managing human endurance.
Jungle Operations
Outlined here are effective operations in high humidity environments.
Desert Operations
This is the United States Marine Corp manual for effective operations in Desert conditions.
Terrain Analysis
This contains methods of advanced site survey for outdoor operations.
Range Estimation
mathmatical and visual methods of range estimation.
field environment resources

- Co-Intell archive:
 counter intelligence documents 
Co-Intell archive:[X] 
Tradecraft Primer
This document outlines the gathering and organizing of information.
Combat Stress Control
US Army document on stress control in theaters of combat
Intelligence Officers Handbook
This document defines skills and procedures that aid in reconnaissance
Document on Human Manipulation
CIA Document on Human Manipulation - KUBARK interrogation manual. This is the CIA handbook for effective interrogation. This provides concise psychology profiling and methodology for sourcing usable information.
FBI Anarchists Cookbook file
This is the FBI dossier on The Anarchists Cookbook and its culture of readers. Its is the result of a investigations onto the type of person acquiring and reading the material in question.
Counter Sniper Guide
US Army Manual for anti sniper strategies and a tactical response to active shooter scenerios
counter intelligence documents

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