I N D U S T R I A L   E Y E W O R K S 

 Information Warfare was among the earlier studies of The 233 Project. Studies in astronomy, chemstry, and ancient linguistics, became experiments in geometry, color, and psychology. The 233 Project had access to the archives of Univerities, Think Tanks, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons. Digital archives and journals were acquired from universities and R&D facilities through FTP and flash drives. Data was analyzed for psy-op or cultural implications. Disciplines based in ancient sciences created a Data managememt model based on redundency, obfustication, steganography using 'air-gapped' and offline solutions. Linux has proven a key platform for Archival recovery and exfiltration. Data can be mounted and read from a variety of formats, in some cases circumvening user based file privledges. A Linux instance can also be duplicated as an ISO and boot directly from a flash drive leaving no direct trace on the host system. This allows forensic access to MBR and archives on the host system. The data operations of The 233 Project exists today as a DarkNet respository of ancient texts and technological whitepapers. The DatenKreig Darknet is an obfusticated WebOS. It is written in php and very portable. It can be rapidly mirrored allowing it to be imploded and redeployed.

Welcome to the Data War

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